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I have been dealing with them for 2 years , they forget to ship your order and when you ask them its the same story , they say it takes 3-5 business days to process , this is bs , I checked on my order daily for a week and says processing , and when you email them they get back to you in a day , maybe and say we will look into it , or it should go out today. I have tried to use the coupon codes on 2 separate holidays both times the systems were down. they didn't offer the codes after the system was back up. These people do not know how to run... Read more

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If I could rate this flavor / brand and customer service less than one star, I would. I ordered 4 Top Vapor flavors (Mad Grapes, Cherry Limeade, Hurricane and Strawberry Ice - 6mg), all of which taste horrible and burn the back of your throat (I have tried many other brands which I had no issues with). I called the company with the hopes of coming to a mutual resolution of their less than satisfactory product. Their customer service was even worse than their products. They said, "Sorry, you're stuck with them. It's in our policy." CLICK! Read more

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A friend got me a gift certificate for Christmas and I have yet to be able to actually use it. Guess they got their money so now they can care less if the gift can be used in any way. I have emailed them and all they say is the code is verified and valid but every time I try to use it their form says enter a payment method but there is not place to enter the info and will not process any further. I have been trying for over 2 weeks to try to get help with this issue. They have their money and I have a bogus gift code, guess they do not... Read more

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Their site is screwed up! I fill in shipping info and the site overrides. When you call after hours to correct shipping info you CANNOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. NO WAY TO EMAIL A CORRECT ADDRESS. EVERYTHING WITH THEM IS SCREWED UP !!! Read more

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Horrible juice i bought 8 10ml bottles of various flavors that ive liked from other juice companies. I had to throw every one of them away. Dusgusting juice Read more

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I been buying from this company since they started 5 years. Never had an issue. Til now , I brought an itaste 134 and it was missing the tank. How the f*** you suppose to vape without a tank. Also I bought some juices that didn't look nor taste good. They need to be shut down. Costumer service sucks. They have nasty additudes. For the record I only stared have problems when merged with ecig Hope they fix the problem or I will no longer be doing business with them ever again Read more

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I ordered a tank from them and the item I received was defective. The tank made all 3 of my mods heat up to the point that you could not hold them. I contacted Mad Vapes and they sent me a return label to send the defective product back. I sent the item back and they emailed me that they have received it and will process my refund. I have to email them every 3 days asking the status and will get a reply every other email stating they will get right on it. Its the same answer every time. Its been 3 weeks since they received the return and I... Read more

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I've been purchasing between $60 - $100 online from Madvapes every 2-3 months for some years now. I'm a very good, above average customer to say the least. Recently I made a similar purchase and paid an additional $7 for 2nd day air shipping as I often do. This was on a Friday, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it would not go out until Monday and would arrive on Wednesday, latest Thursday. Its now Saturday and still nothing. I emailed customer service and received a series of emails telling me they only agreed to ship within 72... Read more

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In 2010 when I began dealing with madvapes, I had very few issues. Then as time went on, products began having more and more issues, and service went downhill. On my last several orders they have been slow to ship. It doesn't matter when I order, or what shipping I choose, it's the norm for them to ship things out after more than 48 hours as they claim on their website. This is annoying, because obviously you need juice to keep from smoking... You also need accessories. Their latest excuse was they were behind for the holiday. However,... Read more

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I was ordering the same exact blueberry juice from mad-vapes for about a year. After buying getting 12 different bottles of the same juice I was instantly aware when. There was something wrong with the latest batch. And I got 6 50 ml bottles of it usually after steeping it turns pink this stuff looked like urine and continues to look like urine more every day. The taste is totally different. When I asked them if they changed the recipe they should post it in the description so people aren't spending 100$ on juice their not gonna like. They... Read more

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