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  • Variety of items2 votes
  • Plentiful inventory levels1 votes
  • Prices on imports1 votes
  • How unhelpful they are2 votes
  • Customer service2 votes
  • Shipping1 votes
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I've been purchasing between $60 - $100 online from Madvapes every 2-3 months for some years now. I'm a very good, above average customer to say the least. Recently I made a similar purchase and paid an additional $7 for 2nd day air shipping as I often do. This was on a Friday, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it would not go out until Monday and would arrive on Wednesday, latest... Read more

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In 2010 when I began dealing with madvapes, I had very few issues. Then as time went on, products began having more and more issues, and service went downhill. On my last several orders they have been slow to ship. It doesn't matter when I order, or what shipping I choose, it's the norm for them to ship things out after more than 48 hours as they claim on their website. This is annoying,... Read more

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I was ordering the same exact blueberry juice from mad-vapes for about a year. After buying getting 12 different bottles of the same juice I was instantly aware when. There was something wrong with the latest batch. And I got 6 50 ml bottles of it usually after steeping it turns pink this stuff looked like urine and continues to look like urine more every day. The taste is totally different. When... Read more

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I saved $100+ at Madvapes Electronic Cigarettes today, which I had every intention of spending in their store. The clerk, or whatever-the-*** his title was, treated me like dirt. I have never been as rudely talked to in my life by anyone who expected me to hand over my money to them. If such a thing as "bad karma" exists, this hole-in-the-wall has tractor-trailer load of it. It is hard for... Read more

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I bought some things on the site and was ordering for awhile but ended up never ordering again. A few times I had problems with the dual coils cartomizers being defective (brand new). I thought it was maybe a mistake and let it pass. The last time I ordered 3 out of the 5 filters were defective and I explained to them and they would'nt do anything about it and ignored my emails. Places like... Read more

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I was a customer for months ordering all the time and when a item was defective... they didnt do anything about it!! They told me the part never was defective and it was 1 out of 5000 chance. I ordered e-juice for electronic cigarettes and filters every month for about 7 months and a few times the filters were defective and were burnt tasting and very harsh. I kept ordering anyway because it... Read more

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